10 Tips for Your Best Tarot Reading Ever

Follow these 10 Tips to ensure you have your Best Tarot Reading Ever and share with your best friends too!

Mirela - Your Intuitive Guide and Tarot Reader @JovialHealing

2/16/20242 min read

Cards and candle on black background
Cards and candle on black background

Are you excited about your upcoming tarot reading? Whether you're a seasoned tarot enthusiast or new to the practice, getting the most out of your session is essential. To ensure you have the best tarot reading ever, especially when making an online appointment for a 30-minute session with your favorite tarot reader at Jovial Healing, here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before your reading, take a few moments to clear your mind and set your intentions. Relax and focus on the questions or areas of your life you want guidance on. A calm and open mindset will enhance your connection with the cards. Yes!!! Even is the session is online and you don't touch the cards.

2. Choose a Quiet and Comfortable Space

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can fully concentrate on the reading. Eliminate distractions and create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and introspection. Ideally, it would be on your favorite chair or couch, and for some, it means in their car - it's still private.

3. Have Specific Questions in Mind

Instead of asking vague questions, have specific inquiries in mind. This will help your tarot reader provide more accurate and insightful answers.

4. Be Open and Honest

During the reading, be open and honest about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This will allow your tarot reader to interpret the cards more effectively and provide guidance tailored to your situation.

5. Take Notes

Consider taking notes during the reading. This will help you remember the insights and advice given by your tarot reader. It's also a great way to reflect on the reading later. You may not record the encounter, so taking notes might be useful. Some people do better just relaxing and totally foregoing taking notes. It really depends. If you're not a multitasker, just count on the fact that your mind will just retain exactly what it needs.

6. Trust Your Intuition

While your tarot reader provides guidance, remember to trust your own intuition as well. The cards are a tool to help you tap into your own inner wisdom.

7. Ask for Clarification

If something is unclear during the reading, don't hesitate to ask your tarot reader for clarification. They are there to help you understand and gain clarity.

8. Stay Grounded

Throughout the reading, stay grounded and centered. Take deep breaths and focus on your body to maintain a sense of balance and calmness.

9. Follow Up with Self-Reflection

After the reading, take some time for self-reflection. Consider how the insights from the tarot reading resonate with your own experiences and what actions you can take moving forward. For those that didn't take notes, the time immediately after the session would be a great time to right your thoughts down while everything is still fresh.

10. Express Gratitude

Finally, express gratitude to the Universe. Your tarot reader is just a guide and a translator for what the Universe is holding. If you liked the session, thank them for their time and guidance. Gratitude cultivates positive energy and strengthens the connection between you and your reader.

By following these 10 tips, you can ensure that your tarot reading experience, especially during your online appointment for a 30-minute session with your favorite tarot reader at Jovial Healing, is truly transformative and insightful. Embrace the cards, trust the process, and be open to the guidance they offer.

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