This is what our clients are saying…

“I had a reading with Mirela in August of 2018 regarding relocating and also a brief read of the cards of truth. Mirela was so accurate and professional. I was completely happy with the reading that Irecommended a friend of mine who was looking to have her chart rectified. Mirela is very accurate along with being very compassionate towards explaining your chart and cards of truth to you. thanks Mirela!”


“First of all please accept my heartfelt thank you…I really appreciate the way you have recorded the reading it sounded very calm and compose… let me admit that you have read the situation and my mindset of each of my travel location very well ..bang on . Further , there is so much of information in your video that I will have to listen to it at least 3 to 4 times and for that I would request you to please keep the link live more than a week so that I can have access to it later too.“


“Mirela’s readings have been very accurate for me. In the most pressing situations, she is able to find the silver light around the clouds and able to give encouragement and support to look forward to. She has a great hold on prashna techniques. you can count on her astrology talents to help you in most difficult times.”


“My reading with Mirela was just amazing. I went into this with an open mind, and walked away with an understanding of what’s around the corner for me astrological and based on this information, I made better choices from the experience and will forever be grateful for opening my mind and spirit. You have knowledge and the gift! Thank you.”


“Mirela: omg, thank you so much for an amazing reading, appreciated a lot! I can not really thank you enough! I had several readings and rectifications some time ago but you were so amazing. your reading has a lot of points that are very accurate.”


“I first came to know of Mirela when she wanted some people to share their relocation details for her research. I shared my relocation details as I have relocated a lot in my life. To my surprise she made a nearly 2 hour analysis of my chart and how each of the relocation had played out for me. Her analysis was very deep and detailed. Then she did a reading for me and used “cards of truth” methodology and other methods as well. At that point of time I was going through a very bad phase of my life and her predictions were not something I enjoyed listening as they pushed my good period (that I was so desperately waiting for) by several months. My initial reaction was to ignore them as an accomplished astrologer had predicted that my good times are around the corner. So I wanted to stick to the predictions of the accomplished astrologer. However as the time passed by, the predictions of the accomplished astrologer didn’t come true but Mirela’s predictions on the timing of my good period were very close. What I liked most about her was the fact she is excellent counselor. She could realize that I am not liking her predictions as it meant I was going through tough times longer. So she counseled me and recommended me bach flower remedies and recommended me that I should continue with my chanting of mantras and not loose hope.”


“Mirela was incredibly kind and thoughtfully approached me and, my life. I guess it can be easy to lose oneself by looking only for the next big moments of one’s life. However, Mirela used her knowledge and, the tools at her disposal to show me the greater canvas that represents me. She was never judgmental nor full of prejudice, but, rather open to talking about every aspect that was necessary. Therefore, I was able to better understand myself and, as a consequence, learn to accept and, love life better.”


“At first I would like to say big thank you to Mirela. She invested huge amount of time in reading my chart. I get a first class reading from her with all the details possible, which makes me very satisfied as it answer lot of questions of my life. Her voice was very calming, peaceful and therefore get you really understand message which are planets trying to tell you. I would recommend her service to everyone, who is interested knowing that she will do all possible to help you on your way as an astrologer. Thank you one more time Mirela, God bless you and I wish you all the best so you can continue helping people through your astrological service.”


“Thank you so very much Mirela. Your reading was wonderful. This is the first time I have had someone explain my chart and you were very easy to follow. Your explanations were easy to understand and you have such a pleasant voice and mannerism that made me feel comfortable.”


“I contacted Mirela for a reading regarding extension of my job contract. She casted a prasna chart (a chart of the question for the moment she got my request) and also checked confluence with the birth chart. Mirela is an exceptionally talented astrologer. Her methodological approach to read a chart using various techniques was marvelous. Her compassionate nature, calm voice, and her pragmatic approach was reassuring and it was a treat to listen to her. Mirela is a highly intelligent person and very grounded. She could talk about various real-life situations from the indications in the chart. I could easily identify what suited my situation from the options she gave. She is a phenomenal ‘cards of truth’ reader. What touched me deep was her care and kindness for the client’s situation. She is indeed one of the rare gems. I wish her the best in her astrological journey and I wish her worldwide fame and recognition.”


“Thank you again for your beautiful reading! I meant to write you because the very next day I was offered….and we went….your words were so encouraging and helpful. It was like the dark before the dawn timing. Much gratitude to you!”


“As a personal friend of Mirela, she expressed her passion for astrology over the last 7 years I’ve known her. She has practiced her skills with me and has helped me on numerous occasions. She’s the real deal and she has a gift I can’t explain! She truly wants to help you and is not a scammer, I assure you! Try out her services, you won’t be disappointed.”


“I’ve been studying and watching Ernst’s videos on the cards of truth for the past 6 months. His course has truly been enlightening and I’ve been learning a lot about spirituality on a level that I never have before. However, I had some doubts as to how accurate this card system truly was because I haven’t really practiced it with anyone yet and I had never had a cards of truth reading. So I decided to get a reading from Mirela. She read that this year, I probably moved into a new place and it’s true! I moved into a new apartment this year. She was able to see other things from this year and a romantic situation that i’m currently dealing with. She also discussed my past and what to expect in a few years. I look forward to having another session with her soon.”


“Thank you so much for the prasna chart reading which was very interesting and extremely kind of you to have done. It added further insight into possible health challenges and opportunities for recovery. You have clear abilities with vedic astrology and cards of truth and your passion and concern for the client is very evident. I enjoyed the session and will be in contact again.”


“I got an extension in my job for …months and I submitted …application….yesterday. So, your prasna analysis was correct ! I was awaiting to complete all formalities before writing to you as I tend to have many obstacles (smiley face).” ​


“Mirela gave me a very thorough prashna reading which was very deeply researched and spoke to my situation directly. She also looked at the situation from various points of view and could see clearly into the difficulties of the situation I was asking about.” ​


“I just has a reading with Mirela and she is fantastic! Thank you very much for the guidance! I look forward to doing another reading with you soon!.” ​


” I managed to listen to your answer to my question and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your effort to help me. Even though the cards fell upside down, communicating with you was so good for me .”


“Mirela, thank you with gratitude! You are a wonderful person, with a special talent and grace. Thank you for your clarity and for pressing my” start button “in what I am going to do from now on. Throughout the conversation with you, I felt like I was talking to a friend who wants all the best in the world for me. I highly recommend you! ”


“Dear Madam, I missed your videos, made with so much passion, soul, dedication, and the pleasant voice that attracts us to watch videos that contain interesting, useful information that helps us to transform, to evolve, to manage as well as possible difficult times, but also to welcome with joy the periods of prosperity and happiness. I wish you a lot of work power and many quality people to enjoy your videos.”


“This is my very first Astrology relocation reading with Mirela and I like it very much. Mirela has a relax and uplifting style, it makes the reading become much more ease and easy for me to receive. When mentioning about not good things, her ease style and laughing can erase the seriousness and make bad things become more acceptable. Mirela also explains clearly and gives more information to ensure I can fully understand the reading. After this relocation reading, I know which planets are good for me to have in certain cities as well as the suitable city for me. She also guides and gives me more information about the reading before it starts. Surprisingly, although my reading is relocation, her interpretation and explanation about people around me as well as possible troubles are very accurate. This information can help me tremendously in relationship because I know who I should be cautious with. All in all, when you want an relax, uplifting reading style and you do not mind with much information, Mirela is the astrologer to go.”


“I can’t express my gratitude in words, you’ve explained very nicely to me… I didn’t lose hope, maybe it’s just not the time.” ​


“Respected madam, Thank you for your astrological guidance. It was really helpful. Thank you for your real concern and suggestions. I am really sorry that I could not continue at the end of the reading due to reasons. I will schedule another consultation for followup with this and for a few other questions I have.”


“Thank you very much, bright human, for answering me, and not a dry answer! I hug you and I wish you health and I strength in everything you do! I’m close! A wonderful day like you, Mirela!”


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart … I listened quickly before, I’m at work but I will definitely listen to it again. I’m glad to hear good news .. yes, I had a …….., I was ……………….., . I made……………… now I’m ………. I think he’s the king of clubs …………. Thank you thank you thank you!


“I received this message from you with great emotion. I really appreciate the gesture made for me, you sacrificed your time and you personally leaned on my problems. For me it is an act of great kindness and I am grateful and thank you.”


“Dear Mirela, I love you with all my heart, you are a spirit of light. God bless you and your family.”


“Thanks for the card spread, you managed to reach the intimacy of the relationship between me and …… Everything you told me is true, at least I will try not to ……………Thank you very much. I hug you dearly!”


“Thanks for the card reading. The audio recording was perfect.



“Good evening, Mrs. Mirela! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this card reading! Indeed, it is necessary to ……… You have given me confidence and that matters a lot ……. thank you very much! …………………., reaching the state of inner balance (as it came out in my spread) So, nothing is accidental, God the Creator brings me in my life extraordinary people, who to ……………….! With much esteem and special sympathy, xx P.S. I watch all your videos and I like that you talk about astrology, from a different angle than the vast majority of Romanian astrologers. Besides knowledge, you have a lot of originality. That, now, in our times, is pure gold. ”

V.S. ​

“Thank you very much Mirela, you made even more light in my mind. Yes, you are absolutely right, what was …….. And as for the ……….you are right, he …………. , he …………, but he doesn’t know how to………… Thank you, thank you!


“Hello. Thank you for the card reading. I had a ………. I ………… I stayed …….. and with. ……… and as you said, I will not ……….. I have done …………. everything. a perfect interpretation. remains the part with …….. but I’m in no hurry. You can be proud of your students. Good luck, blessings and light. With appreciation ”


“I am completely amazed by everything I heard !!!! You are exactly as I thought: a PROFESSIONAL! I didn’t give many details about myself and yet ….., everything you detailed to me, that’s right. Even where you interpreted “coded”! ………………………………….. I will also take your advice into account. As for that …………….. that already exists in my life, you’re right again !! …………………………………… Thank God I found you! Nothing happens by chance in our lives until we have to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING! Sincerely, xx”


“Thanks again Mirela! I was surprised by the speed with which you answered me, I want to mention that I found myself 100% in the reading you gave me. Congratulations and much respect! Thank you! ”


“Wooow, what a pleasant surprise I was able to receive today, I really didn’t expect to receive the reading so quickly, especially since you said that only at the end of the week will you have time to deal with this …so for me, as they say, the season of “surprises” has begun …. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the card reading I received, I have never experienced anything like this before, because I have never used this kind of service, I limited myself to astrology and a little numerology, but you touched me pleasantly and you were even very close to what I live, even though I’m at ……….. That’s why I asked you to help me and I want you to know that I understood exactly what you told me even if I will listen a few more times to understand even better ….. :))) If you allow me, I will come back for other services later. Thank you very much and I wish you a beautiful and happy life !!!!”


“Thank you very much, and …. first of all I will want …….., and secondly, to wish you much, much luck and much success in the future, I really like how You explain things, but I hope to keep in touch anyway. I hug you dearly. ”


“I listened to the message. If you had been with me, I would have hugged you, but I can only send you my thanks, from a distance. Thank you. I didn’t realize that there were many questions, I wanted to explain, somehow, the situation that interested me. Thank you that ……., that proved to me what I knew, that is ……… so………….. I will listen again punctually, because there are a lot of messages in your words and I have to correlate them with what I know. I also think that nothing is accidental and that this is the way the universe treats confirmations to my …… that is, the way you chose to make the two spreads. Thank you again. Just a little question … Did……..? Thank you very much and have a nice evening.”


“Hello, I received the reading, I listened to it, I liked it. Thank you very much, all the best!”


“With tears in my eyes I thank you for helping me. I find myself in everything you said, thank you for your time, you made a gesture of humanity I respect you are a good soul a good person. I needed advice someone to help me thank the Lord that I found you and you helped me. God only bring you joy with your loved ones and long life health. God help!”


“Thank you for this reading, for the time invested, for the dedication and desire to give your best, for the professionalism with which you honored this gratuity and for your delicacy. I can honestly say that I never thought possible that cards could provide information with such precision as I received in the material, it definitely depends on the experience and dedication you show, but it is amazing.I was perplexed when without any connection to what you had in front of reading the cards you pronounced the word ………, because yes, due to the fact that I ……… I am obliged to use ……… In addition, it is incredible that This is exactly what I set out to do when …………….Once again thank you very much for the whole reading, it really helps me a lot, today I put ………….. I am firmly convinced that the universe will reward you for your work far more than you expect, because what you offer is quality, and it is superior quality. From this moment on, what I can do with all my heart is to recommend you to anyone who gets in my way and is open to such tools, I find that very helpful, and for me it remains an anchor. I wish you all the best in the world, maximum health and much success in everything you do! ”


“Hello, I listened to your course and I really liked it. I finished module 1 of the Bach Floral Therapy course and since then I have felt that there is a correspondence between these remedies and astrology, numerology. By chance on the internet I found on a site in Italian where these correspondences are discussed and now your course has been useful to me to more easily identify the remedy for Saturn and its position in the natal chart. I encourage you to continue with these courses for as many planets and order in which you recommend their healing or to guide me where I could deepen these topics. Last week I received the kit with the 38 remedies. Thank you for everything you do ”


“Dear Mirela, I am not good at beautifully crafted words. Very true everything you said to me. You are wonderful! If I had money, I would use many of your services with confidence. I also recommended you to my friends! I thank you from the bottom of my heart !”


“Good evening. I am delighted with the wisdom and beauty and depth of the reading you have given me. There is much to say but I do not know how to make you aware of my current life and … ……….The reading was perfect, you showed me the real situation … And with so much gentleness and joy … And careful not to hurt my sensitivity even though you told me the TRUTH I love the truth. Thank you with respect and gratitude. You made my day beautiful and bright. ”


“Hi Mirela, Here is my feedback for the reading … I will not be too bushy in expression but you must know that I continue to be amazed by the accuracy with which you described this situation that I found it difficult to put into words. You highlighted exactly what I already knew but not being sure yet on ……. and this also due to the reading and the fact that …….Anyway, you said well, my dear, what else can I say …..”


“Good evening! Mrs. Mirela, first of all I want to thank you very, very much. Thank you for making a” discount “from your regular and for giving me a much bigger reading than usual for this package. I want to tell you that, you have a warm voice, you have a “something” in the way of express that made me feel you are close to my soul. I’m not exaggerating or brushing, it’s not in my character. ”


“It was a webinar that I consider TOP, I received new information, I only saw them on your Youtube channel. Thank you for your talent and dedication, as well as for giving us a few hours of your personal time. As usual it was a pleasure to listen to you. Sincerely, xx”