So, who am I?

My name is Mirela. I'm your new coach and healer. My mission is to help humans like you expand their understanding and allow love, health and prosperity to flow in their lives. To do that, I believe it's paramount to create security around their original unique type of foundation. That will have such a positive influence on people’s lives beyond what's visible or obvious. My goal is to help you understand your power to manifest your best life and co-create with the Universe and then allow your creations to go beyond your wildest dreams.

You might've guessed: your foundation isn't build of concrete but it is as solid and even more durable than concrete would ever be. Your FOUNDATION has to do with who you are at your CORE. That will never change. However, what changes once you discover how deep and wide your "foundation" goes, is how and what and with whom you build on it to live the most meaningful, prosperous and fulfilled life.

I use multiple systems of knowledge to dig deep and find out who you are and what's your foundation looking like, what's its current condition and how to strengthen it. I use Astrology, Numerology, Cards of Truth, Tarot, Human Design, Gene Keys, iChing and other amazing tools to give you a clear picture of what you're "working with" and then help you understand how to structure your life in a way that fits with your foundation and then guide you towards finding the best tools to stabilise your core self and ones that support your inspiration and allow your creativity to run wild designing all areas of your life in a way that fits naturally and it flows smoothly!

And the best part of it all, is that you do not have to change anyone while at it. Not those close or far from you, and you don't even have to change YOURSELF. Not even a BIT! just have to be fully present with YOU and your JOURNEY while we are at it (YOU and I, your humble guide). The rest will holistically align without you even raising a finger or “working on it”.

And NO, I don't offer programs that promote the saying "work on yourself"...

I actually pretty much hate that term. It implies something must be "wrong" with you and you need to "fix" yourself in order for something to get better. I call that BS with capital letters!

Nothing is wrong with YOU, you just haven't found the right perspective to appreciate the foundation of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT makes YOU unique and to cherish and LIVE IT fully!... and quite frankly, there is a probability that the narrow-mindedness around you didn't help much with that perspective either.

...and before I forget!!…

In my experience, this search for truth, self-discovery, aligning and thriving that comes hand in hand with deep healing at physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels ~ HAS to bring us JOY ~ we should feel excited and joyful to learn and embrace who we are, and not pushed and restricted by a bunch of crazy imposed structures that don’t fit who we are, or limitations and rules on consistency, which by the way, may work for some but not for all… If you’re not feeling good when you/we do this, it’s a huge sign you’re looking in the wrong place or at the right time. Give yourself credit and listen to your intuition…when/if it feels right, you’ll know it!…

I was blessed to have JUPITER exactly on my MIDHEAVEN in LEO, so my best work in this life has to be related to this inspired to do good JUPITER of mine = the Jovial Healer (hence the website you landed on...wink).

This comes handy to those that allow me to guide their journey because my JUPITER will allow YOU to SEE YOURSELF with the utmost clarity and from the highest and truest perspective. I am grateful for my gift from the Universe and I am here to share it with those that LOOK for it, without trying to change them. I am just holding up the space for someone to BE THEMSELVES and guide them a "bit" to find TRUTH and PROSPERITY when living authentically as THEMSELVES!